smbsh issues w/ samba-2.0.7

Jelmer Feenstra spark at
Fri Nov 3 14:17:58 GMT 2000

On Thursday 02 November 2000 21:24, you wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 10:08:11PM +0100, Giulio Orsero wrote:
> > On Wed, 1 Nov 2000 15:07:52 -0500 (EST), you wrote:
> > >    First off, I'm running on a Redhat Linux 6.2 system, using
> > >gcc version egcs-2.91.66 19990314/Linux (egcs-1.1.2 release).
> > >    I can't seem to get smbsh to compile.
> > >    I grabbed samba-2.0.7, and did the following, which generated
> > >a compile error.
> >
> > You cannot use smbsh on linux anymore. glibc incompatibilities.
> Yeah - but weren't the glibc features removed, removed due to security
> problems? If so, should smbsh use such calls anyway?
> For the brief time smbsh existed under RedHat 5.x (old glibc), I got
> majorly into it - it certainly beats the socks off smbmount in terms of
> functionality (gives you Network Neighbourhood, "automount" of all servers
> simultaneously, etc, etc).
> Now we have a Samba-world where Linux has smbmount and everyone else has
> smbsh :-(

You're completely right, but I personally would like another approach (one I 
proposed a while ago on this list).

How about a coda-like implementation of an smb filesystem ? A userspace 
daemon would do all filesystem related stuff (reading, writing, listing) and 
this daemon would be called from within the kernel (sort of userfs in the 
kernel -> coda is actually a sort of  example of this).

This way all of the smbprotocol specific implementation would be done in 
userspace, however you'd be able to just mount the 'network neighbourhood 
filesystem' and browse away !

Doesn't that seem possible ? (I didn't get any useful replies a while ago)

Jelmer Feenstra

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