2 Build bugs on Sco openserver 5.05

Joe Doran joed at dircon.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 12:03:30 GMT 2000


Please excuse any incorrect formality as this is my first posting to the list.

I have come across two build bugs on a sco openserver platform and cannot 
confirm if this is an issue for other builds at this time.

In smbd/reply.c there is a function called map_lock_offset() which is used if 
the os does not support longlong types. This function cannot be found in any 
library available to sco5 or on a linux box. Anyone got any idea where this 
function has arisen from?

     * NT4.x seems to be broken in that it sends large file (64 bit)
     * lockingX calls even if the CAP_LARGE_FILES was *not*
     * negotiated. For boxes without large unsigned ints mangle the
     * lock offset by mapping the top 32 bits onto the lower 32.
    if(IVAL(data,SMB_LARGE_LKOFF_OFFSET_HIGH(data_offset)) != 0) {
      uint32 low = IVAL(data,SMB_LARGE_LKOFF_OFFSET_LOW(data_offset));
      uint32 high = IVAL(data,SMB_LARGE_LKOFF_OFFSET_HIGH(data_offset));
      uint32 new_low = 0;

      if((new_low = map_lock_offset(high, low)) == 0) {
        *err = True;
        return (SMB_BIG_UINT)-1;

Also macro function S_ISSOCK() which appears to check permissions on a socket 
in file nsswitch/wb_common.c does not exist in sco5 libraries, it appears to 
be specific to bsd systems. Maybe should fstat or lstat be used on this to 
return permissions instead of using macro?.

/* Check permissions on unix socket file */
	if (!S_ISSOCK(st.st_mode) || (st.st_uid != 0)) {
		return -1;
	/* Connect to socket */
	if ((established_socket = socket(AF_UNIX, SOCK_STREAM, 0)) == -1) {
		return -1;

Joe Doran.
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