SMB server for Vxworks RTOS: file copy problem.: Urgent

Kenichi Okuyama okuyamak at
Wed Nov 1 06:00:47 GMT 2000

>>>>> "AS" == Amit Singhania <Amit.Singhania at> writes:
AS> 			and i get the error message mentioned above. It does
AS> not even try to write or send a SMB_COM_WRITE message . Do you have any
AS> clues as to why a write to the target fails? 

First, implement "log.smb" and "log.nmb" functionality, somehow.
Then look at what's being written with giving large number to
DEBUGLEBEL( like 10, for example ).

Or, if you have remote-debugging system, you can use it for same
purpose. But I'll recommend using "log", for "log" will keep history
of system.
# Well, ofcourse, having both is best, always (^^;)

There are many reason this can happen.

Samba's code somehow relys on unix system. In some part, it pretend
that if process is being closed, file descriptor will be closed
automatically. Other part, it does not free() some of the memory
area right before it exit(), for OS does that for you.

Most of them seems bug to me. But it works, if you're using unix as
for OS.

If I remember right, VxWorks was Single Task/Multi Thread OS.  OS
will not automatically close file if thread is finished, nor will
automatically free memory area.
# Please notice me if I'm wrong. The last time I saw VxWorks, was
# about 3-4 years ago, so I might be mistaking.

Also, non-major path( I mean path that will not run unless you lack
memory, or you lack system resources, which have higher possibility
on VxWorks ) still have plenty of bugs in Samba. They don't appear
if you're using unix system, only because you have enough memory,
and enough resource in unix system, and start running smbd and nmbd
right after boot, when there's plenty of resources, which does not
work on VxWorks.

# I've seen many, and is reporting if I found a way to fix it, but I
# can't even fix most of them, for it's being entangled with each
# other strongly.

So, it might be just that your system is running out of resource,
like file descriptor.

Since so, this is my recommendation:
      Start from checking log.smb/log.nmb.  Add even more DEBUG()
      messages to the code. Then see what's happening.

good luck, and best regards,
Kenichi Okuyama at Tokyo Research Lab. IBM-Japan. Co.

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