SMB server for Vxworks RTOS: file copy problem.: Urgent

Amit Singhania Amit.Singhania at
Wed Nov 1 02:50:56 GMT 2000

Hi ,
			i am trying to build a basic SMB server ( CORE
PROTOCOL ) for the Vxworks RTOS. I am stuck with the following problem.

			I can copy files(i.e. read) from my vxworks target
to NT, using explorer but when i try to write files to the Vxworks target
from an NT machine using explorer , i get this strange Windows message
			 "Cannot copy file: The specified server cannot
perform the Requested operation".

			On looking at the SMB messages coming from explorer
it tries to 

		1.  Search the target for an existing file of that name
		2. If the file is not found , it creates a new file
		3. Then tries to seek in the newly created file from the end
(SEEK_END) with offset 0. ( SMB_COM_SEEK)
		4. Then it closes the file(  why?????...). (SMB_CLOSE)

			and i get the error message mentioned above. It does
not even try to write or send a SMB_COM_WRITE message . Do you have any
clues as to why a write to the target fails? 

Amit Singhania
Grass Valley Group
[off] 530-478-3040
[res] 530-886-8381

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