Chase your tail when doing a search

Ray Horner hints_tips at
Wed May 24 18:13:57 GMT 2000


I was wondering if there is anyway to avoid the annoying bug whereby samba 
doesnt know it has hit a recursive link.  If you do a search from Winnt of a 
UNIX samba share, if it sees a directory such as:

drwxrwsrwx   2 root  root      512 Dec  8 14:54 foobar -> .

it goes mental trying to follow the link and search that directory again and 
again.  With Samba 2.0.7 it chews up 20-30% CPU of even our huggest servers. 
  With samba 2.0.6 it would occasionly go off the chart and panic the 

If anyone has any clues it would be HUGELY appreciated, otherwise I am going 
to have to dust off a very very old programming hat and attempt a hack.


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