homes share questions

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Mon May 22 14:24:12 GMT 2000

Ok, I can accept that homes is a "magic" share, but where does Ron_Alexander
(my NT and VOS login) come from? I thought that Samba was being clever
enough to actually create the share name using my login name, and was
confused by the fact that there was 2 'home dir shares'. I actually can't
access the Ron_Alexander share, so I set up a username map to map me to
samba1. Then I do see my home dir under both homes and samba1.


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On Mon, 22 May 2000, Ron Alexander wrote:

> 1. Why do I always see a share named homes as well as one with my logon
> name. They both contain the same files, which are in my home directory.

homes is a "magic" share, which always points to the current user's home
directory - whoever that user is. Quite useful in login scripts etc.

You can disable it if you want - just delete the [homes] section of your
smbd.conf file.

> 2. Is there a 10 char limit on either a share name, or a login name. In
> case where I login with a name longer than 10 chars, then I do NOT get
> I stated in 1 above. I get an invalid network name on the long name share.

There certainly can't be a 10 character limit on username - NT's
Administrator account would have problems then! (Not that NT admins don't
have problems - they just don't have that particular one...)

There may well be a limit imposed by the OS Samba is running on, though;
there shouldn't be a limit on directory names like this, though. Shares?
Not sure :-(


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