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Patrick Mccarty mccartyp at apu.edu
Sat May 20 20:36:19 GMT 2000

Greetings all,

I recently have been tasked with the job of ldapifying our linux

Now,  I've setup several other samba-ldap solutions, and was quite
happy with them (as were my clients). However, it appears that this
support has been removed from the latest stable release (2.0.7) 

Are there plans to re-integrate this at a later time? (hopefully

What options have I not considered that would accomplish this?

As at this time I'm forced to use an older version which unfortunately
doesnt talk happily with w2k(yes yes, it cant be a perfect network...)

We are (at this time) not in need of any domain authentication or
integration, I just need simple authentication.

I am excited at the current development in the TNG tree, however I
cannot authorize its use (at this time) in our production environment. 


Patrick McCarty
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