samba and inetd problems

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Sat May 20 15:31:35 GMT 2000

Here is the snippet of code from the smbd pgm that shows that the pid file
is NOT created if the process is not the daemon. Only the first invocation
of smbd is the daemon and creates the pid file, all it's children are not

  if (is_daemon) {

I now know that when a copy of smbd is started via inetd, the check for a
socket on fd[0] fails. As soon as the stcp guys find and fix that bug, I
assume this problem will go away.


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Gerald Carter <gcarter at> wrote:
> Ron Alexander wrote:
> >
> > Can someone PLEASE tell me if using inetd is the recommended
> > way or not?
> >
> The recommended method is to run smbd and nmbd as daemons.
> What books do you have?
> For what it's worth, I think only when run as a daemon does samba
> worry about *pid files.  This is off the top of my without
> consulting the code though.

The *pid files are generated always.  I had to disable it on OpenVMS through
some code in config.h. to redirect

On OpenVMS, nmbd is run as a daemon, but smbd is run from the inetd
equivalent.  This is a result of not having an efficient fork() capability.

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