On-access virus checking in Samba

Simon Harrison smh at dr.com
Tue May 16 15:53:12 GMT 2000

I want to implement on-access virus checking of a Samba share.
I've 'hooked' dos_open() in lib/doscalls.c, performed a virus check before
the 'wrapped' open(), and I simply return false if the file is found to
contain a virus (prohibiting access), and write all the details to the logs
(name of virus etc...).

A few questions:

1) Should I be hooking dos_open() or something else for this?
2) Where would I hook if I wanted 'on close' scanning?
3) Would it be worth submitting the code as a patch, even though it relies
on a proprietry virus scanner interface?  Or is the Samba community
generally not interested in this kind of thing?

thanks for any help,


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