Working on LDAP support in HEAD

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri May 12 19:01:46 GMT 2000

Inge-Håvard Hunstad wrote:
> I have been working on this matter for some time. It 
> seems that in my setup, with mandatory profiles and a 
> reg hack to delete local profiles, the rid is of no 
> importance. I even tried to change the rid of a machine
> in the domain and it still was logging in the users. So 
> If you have this setup you can just assign a rid to the user:)

This doesn't sounds right to me....[thinks a bit]...ok
I can see how the machine rid can be unimportant.  Have you 
tried this with non mandatory profiles.  Are you user's sharing a common
mandatory profile?

> My question is: what about those who wants to move from 
> a NT server to samba and LDAP? Since you said that they 
> use the incremental version, you will get conflicting rids when 
> you try the samba uid <-> RID mapping function. As I se 

Excellent point.  Thanks for bringing it up.

> it you will get in trouble one way or another. So my
> suggestion is that you make a function that checks if 
> the rid exists if it does then try to increment and 
> se if the new value is in use. Then repeat until we 
> find a rid that's not in use.

Hmmm...need to think a little more.  Need to checka 
few things in the existing code....

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