porting samba to new platform questions.

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Ron Alexander <rcalex at home.company> wrote:

> I am porting Samba 2.0.6 to a new platform.
> The platform is Stratus, the OS is VOS.
> VOS is not only not Unix, but it is being modified at the same time to be
> POSIX.1 compliant as well as implementing STCP from Spider.
> I do not have a shell. I can not use configure etc. I don't even have a
> makefile at this time.

Maybe we should compare notes.  I have some similar problems with OpenVMS.
I am totally ignorant of VOS, so I do not know how many problems we will
have in common.

No compatible shell, so no configure.  The makefile was generated by hand by
editing makefile.in.  The config.h file was also created by hand for the
same reason.  Several other issues.

We generated the config by running it on a HP box.

I also have to deal with a C run time library that is missing several
functions used by SAMBA.

Since Stratus is in the process of becoming POSIX.1 compliant, it is easier
to get changes made.

The big issue with hand editing the config.h file is learning what options
do what in the code.  Then I needed to decide which way to set them.  I made
a few interesting wrong turns that did not show up until the testing phase.
I still need to make some reviews of this.

By using macro defines in the compiler invocation of the type
MOD_'base_file_name', and some #ifdef statements in the config.h file, I
have developed a way of patching the SAMBA source for use with OpenVMS and
avoiding having many of the #ifdef __VMS of the previous ports.

So far I have avoided changing the Samba code.

I am also taking advantage of a feature of OpenVMS known as search lists.
Basically it works like a MS-DOS path statement.  A logical directory is
created that consists of two directories, and when a file is looked up, the
first match is used.  In the first directory I have the modules that I
absolutely had to patch, and in the second, I have a totally unpatched
released version of the source.

Yes, every OS I know of has the same feature.

The next major item I need to implement is implementing printing in SMBD.  I
have not even tested what the UNIX options I selected for my build will do
on OpenVMS.

I did however have a very good guide, the previous ports for OpenVMS done by
Eckart Meyer.  His work saved me much valuable time.

> As you can see, I am having lots of fun.
> Amongst my many problems, here is one I need help with now:
> My dev/test environment consists of 1 NT4 workstation connected to the
> network using a security pkg (like VPN) to a Stratus box.
> The Stratus box has several ethernet cards.

> What I do NOT know, is what to set up for things like local/master domain
> master etc. Given my dev/test setup, what is the correct combination of
> variables to make things like name resolution and network neighborhood

I am using the default values.  For the SAMBA server to show up in network
neighborhood, you must have a SMBD process announce it self.

If you just have NMBD running, you can still use it to resolve names.

> The symptom is that nmbd is in a loop putting out a continuous stream of
> msgs that repeat as follows.

I have not had much problems with NMBD, it was basically a compile and go.
For the parameters that you mentioned I am just using the defaults instead
of specifying them in SMB.CONF.

wb8tyw at qsl.network

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