Samba -2.0.5a

ccoupal at ccoupal at
Fri Mar 31 21:19:23 GMT 2000

I'm configuring my fourth Samba server and I have been having more problems
than the other three combined!

I have created 2 shares on the server (cnv_tst_w, cnv_tst_r). They show up
in the browser, and I can connect to cnv_tst_w, but when I try to connect to
the cnv_tst_r, I get "the network name cannot be found". 

This also occurred for the cnv_tst_w share when it was called cnv_tst_write.

My question is this, is there a limit to the length of shares? I thought it
was 15, but cnv_tst_write didn't work and cnv_tst_w did?

Why would I be able to see and connect to cnv_tst_w, but not cnv_tst_r? 


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