NWFS mangled name algorithm.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Mar 29 04:32:06 GMT 2000

Elrond <Elrond at Wunder-Nett.org> wrote:
> I highly guess, he was running nt on vfat and not ntfs.

Yes, as I remember now, I had to map to his workstation through the
administrative share, so in this case it would have been vfat.

> AFAIK ntfs is the other way round: You normaly have long
> names and the short names are just an "attribute" (the ntfs
> filesystem in Linux can present them as hardlinks. Oh: and
> ntfs also has hardlinks on its own, which nobody tells you
> loudly.).

The one type of hardlinks that I know about, CHKDSK will remove, as it
considers them an error.

wb8tyw at qsl.net

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