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Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sat Mar 25 03:03:20 GMT 2000

Freddie wrote:
> I've already spent 2 days working on having consolidated utmp entries from
> the same IP address, and it works fine on Linux. The way I've done it
> probably _won't_ work on FreeBSD though, as it has no ut_id field.
> I've been talking with David Lee about bits and pieces, and we both thought
> it would be good to have a "utmp consolidate" parameter for this. As soon
> as we get an official base to work on, I guess we'll get to do some work :)
> I have glibc 2.0.x (Debian 2.1) and 2.1.x (Debian 2.2) machines at home, so
> I should be able to get utmp consolidation working on both of those
> architectures. The only access I have to FreeBSD machines is as a normal
> user, but I can at least read man pages. The utmp struct in FreeBSD (no
> idea if it's different in the other BSD flavours) is majorly different from
> Linux's:

This is why David's idea of splitting the code from
connection.c into smbd/utmp.c (like the quota code)
is a good idea, targeted for 2.0.8.

Check out the fix I put in to detect the ut_syslen
field in the 2.0.7pre2 code to learn how to add these
tests to autoconf.


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