More utmp stuff

Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Mar 24 23:20:17 GMT 2000

Elrond writes:

> > o  The sheer variety of utmp implementations means that porting is
> >    becoming increasingly non-trivial.
> You should realy consider taking a deep look at screen and
> rxvt (in that order). There's no need to reinvent the wheel
> every time, and they did much of that work already.
> (and they're GPL'ed, so there shouldn't be any
> copyright-issues, or do I miss something?)

The utmp (and now perhaps wtmp) stuff could be very useful for
other people as well.  Does breaking the code out into
a separate package univeral utmp and wtmp library make sense?

Perhaps some autoconf macros and Makefile fragments to make it
easier to have it work on any system and be integrated easily.


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