More utmp stuff

Matthew Geier matthew at
Fri Mar 24 22:00:10 GMT 2000

David Lee wrote:
> Why, conceptually, do you think it needs changing?  Your example has three
> connections, giving three utmp entries.  What, conceptually is wrong with
> that?
> By analogy, if there are three connections between an X-terminal and a
> timesharing machine, that, rightly, gives three utmp entries.  You seem to
> be arguing that Samba should use a fundamentally different model.  Could
> you persuade us why?

 Actually xterm has a flag to stop it from writing into utmp, and most
systems i've used are setup that way. utmp has ONE entry per 'session'
not one per xterm.

 If all  you want to know is who is using the machine, having the same
user listed 5 times 'cause they are connected to 5 different SMB
resources is a bit much. If you want to know what they are connected to
use smbstatus...

 Can we at least have an option for ONE entry and some sort of reference
count on that users connections so it goes away after the last resource
is disconnected ?.
 For many years I have  been running a pre/post exec on the 'homes'
share to get entries utmp, of course if for some reason they disconnect
from 'homes' and not the others....

 You can argue both ways on this one I expect.

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