profiles not working / utmp?

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Mar 24 09:28:09 GMT 2000

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Freddie wrote:

> Also, the weird Win9x looking like it's logged in multiple times got even 
> worse today, now I have not two, not three, but FOUR utmp entries for my 
> current login. How nice.
> freddie  smb/2    zugzug            9:22pm  0.00s 33:38m   ?     -
> freddie  smb/5    zugzug            9:22pm  0.00s 33:38m   ?     -
> freddie  smb/6    zugzug            9:22pm  0.00s 33:38m   ?     -
> freddie  smb/7    zugzug            9:22pm  0.00s 33:38m   ?     -
> Any ideas?

That is intentional.  It should exactly match what smbstatus shows:
hopefully that, too, shows four samba connections.

Perhaps view it a different way.  What does your phrase "current login" 
mean?  What, in the samba context, is a "login"?  Your (one) PC has four
connections (shares etc.) to this (one) Samba server.  The utmp code (new
to Samba 2.0.7) shows connections: four in your case.

In this it is analogous to running multiple xterms between an X-terminal
and a timesharing machine.  If I run "n" such xterms betwwen my X-terminal
and the UNIX timesharing host, I would expect the timesharing host to show
"n" connections (not 1).

Hope that helps.


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