Seme permission issues regarding Samba in a WinNT environment.

Anders Christian Thorsen anders at
Thu Mar 23 22:52:06 GMT 2000

Hi all!

I've been seeing a potential issues in large-scale
implementations of samba as a fileserver in a Windows-environment:

	- permissions (inheritance)

I've also seen some other people mention this issue.

	Say a user want to edit his web-pages in ~/public_html.
	In this particular directory, the permissions should be at least
	0755 so that the web-server can read them. Also, the user want to
	have some private file in ~/private, etc.

	Now, how can one acomplish that samba handles this securely?

		(I know this is not a samba-issue, but samba should be
		able to handle it...)

	Say I have a big sharing named [data]. Because I do not want to map
	150 different sharings (yes... that's how it would be if I made each
	individual area a sharing in itself..) so I want [data], with
	it's sub-directories to be readable only to people with permissions.
	How can I accomplish that...?

Does anyone have any good ideas..? Could one make samba support a
'default permissions' settings as WinNT has, which samba then saves in a


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