[PATCH] utmp modifications

Freddie freddie at ns1.nowait.net
Thu Mar 23 16:24:09 GMT 2000

Phew, finally.

Updated the 2.0.7pre2 utmp support minorly. You no longer get multiple utmp 
entries for connections using the same smbd (pid) for one, although if for 
example the first machine opens connections to 4 shares, it's ut_line will 
still be smb/1... but the next machine to connect will get smb/(>=5), due 
to the way foundi works in claim_connection. Perhaps there needs to be 
another way of doing the ut_line generation?

Also, it sets ut_host if you only HAVE_UTMP. I didn't get around to adding 
ut_addr_v6 support (ip address), but I don't think anything actually uses it.

The code is commented, should be fairly easy to understand. I'm going to bed.

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