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David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Thu Mar 23 14:10:59 GMT 2000

Freddie <freddie at wrote: 
| Now I remember why I didn't bother upgrading from 2.0.5a -> 2.0.6... 
| profiles. They don't seem to work any more :-( Although, I do remember 
| there being some talk of "logon path" turning into "logon home" for 
| profiles or something, is that right? 

	A minor issue:  when making a user-visible change, there
	is a standard trick to avoid this sort of issue, which
	amounts to banging the user over the head with error messages
	instead of them banging us on the head with questions (;-))
	if (host == NT && strstr(lp_logon_path,"%U") != 0) 
		DEBUG(0,("its going to break!!!!"));
	else if (host == win9x && strstr(lp_logon_path,"%U/profile" != 0)
		DEBUG(0,("so is that!")); 
	(OK, thats a bad test and message, but you get the idea).
[ The long version of this is: warn before changing in version
  x-1, emit error messages in the version where the change is made
  (x), and in the x+2 and subsequent versions require an override to 
  keep the broken behavior alive. --with-broken-profiles might be
  a good override name (;-)]	
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