Samba-2.07pre2 still crashes under Linux and HP-UX

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Mar 23 02:32:09 GMT 2000

Jason Haar wrote:
> Hi there
> I've reported this several times over the past few months via the newsgroup
> comp.protocols.smb, but have never seen a reply.
> We're a software company, and I'd guess ever since Windows 2000 RC3 showed
> up on our network (late last year), our normally 100% reliable Samba-2.x
> servers started crashing. The result would be users ringing to say a server
> was unavailable, and checking would find nmbd still running - but smbd would
> be nowhere to be seen. Looking at the logs (debug 9) didn't show anything
> that jumped out at me - although there's soooo much there I could easily
> miss something.
> This is happening under RedHat 5.0 to 6.1 and also HP-UX 10.20, running a
> mixture of Samba-2.0.5 to 2.0.7pre2. We use full "server = domain" to talk
> to the NT4 PDC.
> Has anyone else seen this? What else can I do to diagnose the problem?

Ok - are you getting any core dumps left ?

One useful thing I do is to add the line :

 panic action = "/bin/sleep 90000"

to the [global] section of my smb.conf. That way if smbd
dies it'll still be sat there in the panic code so I can
attach a debugger to it and get a stack backtrace.

I don't know of anyone else reporting problems with the
2.0.7pre2 code and Win2k.



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