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Mon Mar 20 18:06:38 GMT 2000

You wrote:
	Please give me one, if I'm not too late.
	Or, pointer to where you have sent, is also good enough.
	# Where and roughly when, did you post it?
I added one line to set_socket_options in util_sock.c, that said
right at the end. Then I added:

Print socket options.
static void print_socket_options(int s)
        int value, vlen = 4;
        SOCKET_OPTION *p = &socket_options[0];

        for (; p->name != NULL; p++) {
                if (getsockopt(s, p->level, p->option, (void *)&value, &vlen) == 
-1) {
                        DEBUG(3,("Could not test socket option %s.\n",
                else {
                        DEBUG(3,("socket option %s = %d\n",p->name,value));

In retrospect, the "couldn't test" should have been DEBUG(4, or maybe 10,
as it doesn't tell me anything as interesting as name=value line...

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