VNC and VMWare

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Mar 20 16:17:43 GMT 2000

> Hi there,
> I use VNC extensively and am really happy with what the UNIX boxes running
> it
> do for me. I also use it over WANS to get to the NT boxes. I actually run
> BRU over VNC for all my backups and it runs just fine.
> What did you mean by this line:
> >>load up xvnc sessions on the machine, then do a loopback svncviewer to the
> session >>of choice.


	Lets say you're sitting at an actual honest to god Linux
box.  It's a server, so you can't run anything that might make it
freeze.  Plus, you have a tendancy to need to have multiple independent X
sessions--you use VMWare to have multiple simultaneous child OS's
available at any given time.  Finally, you have several remote servers
that you want to be able to call onscreen with the flick of an Alt-F#.

	Solution is simple--instead of booting up X, start up as many
local sessions of xvnc as you require and connect to both them and any
remote servers you have on various Alt-F# tty's using svncviewer.  In
Alt-F1, you have your console root.  F2 houses your KDE
environment(svncviewer'd in), F3 has 98, F4 has NT, F5 has your remote
sniffer server, and F6 is the screen of that girl over there you'd be
hitting on if you weren't spending so much time figuring out svncviewer

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research

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