2.0.7pre2, utmp in particular

Freddie freddie at ns1.nowait.net
Sat Mar 18 10:57:40 GMT 2000


Downloaded 2.0.7pre2, configured --with-utmp, compiled, backed up my old 
dir (2.0.5a still), installed the new one. Added these two lines to smb.conf:

utmp = Yes
utmp dir = /var/run

But... if we don't have utmpx.h (Debian 2.1, 2.0.38 kernel, glibc 2.0.7 
doesn't), it doesn't try to set the ut_host field. So I added a single line 
to utmp_update() that writes it for me. Tada! I don't have the disk space 
left to untar another copy of the .tar.gz, and I have no idea how to just 
extract one file, soo... use your imagination.


(line 367)
	pstrcpy(fname, dirname);
	pstrcat(fname, "utmp");

replace with:

	pstrcpy(u->ut_host, host);

	pstrcpy(fname, dirname);
	pstrcat(fname, "utmp");

No idea if ut_host is a part of other systems' definition of struct utmp. I 
think this has been answered before, but I lost my samba-technical mailbox 
(silly Eudora)... why does a login (from Win9x at least) trigger netlogon's 
[root] preexec twice? I even end up with 2 utmp entries now:

freddie  smb/1    zugzug            9:08pm  0.00s 13:20    ?     -
freddie  smb/2    zugzug            9:08pm  0.00s 13:20    ?     -


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