Samba on AIX

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Mar 18 08:44:26 GMT 2000

[Steven Poughkeepsie]
> Have you also got SWAT to work under the SRC? It doesn't even run
> from the command line. I guess it relies upon inetd to listen for
> connections and the SRC doesn't actually listen for anything. :(

No.  I have never used SWAT, actually.  But to me, having SWAT running
standalone (whether or not under control of SRC) is not too
interesting.  The whole point of running smbd and nmbd standalone
instead of from inetd is for efficiency -- they don't have to reparse
the config file every new connection, etc.  Efficiency doesn't really
apply to SWAT; you shouldn't be running it often enough for that to
matter much.

The other reasons to use SRC mostly don't apply either.  SRC allows you
to either manually or automatically restart a service when it dies.  It
provides an easy mechanism for restarting a service for configuration
changes.  inetd does both of those things implicitly.  The only real
reason to use SRC for this would be for an easy way to temporarily
disable the service in question.


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