Problems accessing subdirectories in non-browsable shares

Robin Chytil rchytil at
Fri Mar 17 16:23:18 GMT 2000


Running Samba 2.0.5a for Irix (on SGI).
I have set the following config for a share:

   comment = Manufacturing DPQM group directory
   path = /home/mfgdpqm/share
   browseable = no
   writable = yes
   valid users = @mfgdpqm
   force group = mfgdpqm
   create mask = 0660
   directory mask = 0770
   force create mode = 0660
   force directory mode = 0770

If I try to access it, by entering \\server\mfgdpqm-share, no problem.
I can create a directory in it, but if I want to enter into the directory I
just created, then I get "Network name cannot be found" (under NT4).
If I set "browseable = yes", then problems disappears.

Using smbclient, I both work fine. I can create a directory and go into it.

Any idea? What info do you need me to provide?


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