Windows 98 Encryption

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Mar 15 23:18:55 GMT 2000

"Mielke, Gary R. (CGC)" wrote:
> I am currently running  Samba 1.9.18p10 on a Irix 6.5.5.
> I am having problems with connecting to our server running Samba with a
> Windows 98 PC. I can connect up fine with the Windows 95 PC! I have read
> that this might be an Encryption problem with Windows 98. Can anyone spell
> out the specifics of what is needed to be done at the PC or at the Smaba
> config and if there are any immediate drawbacks?
> If moving to version 2.06 is the solution how can I make sure that my
> printing services stay in tack with the upgrade or is it best to just
> reinstall?
> Thanks

I would recommend upgrading to the 2.0.6 just because of the bug fixes
and speed improvements. If you did not have an entry in your smb.conf
file for "security=" then you should add "security=share" to make the
2.0.6 version behave as the 1.9.18 default version. Everything else
can probably remain the same. Check out the docs directory for the
.reg files for the registry patches to allow your clients to use
plaintext passwords. For Win98 this is Win98_PlainPassword.reg

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