Patch to allow DNS to override WINS

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Mar 9 13:11:14 GMT 2000

Peter Polkinghorne wrote:
> Version Info: Samba 2.0.6 on Solaris 2.5.1 & 7, built with Sun C 5.0.
> Rationale: For us (and this is NOT true everywhere) every Samba server has
> Netbios names that are equivalent to DNS names.  With DNS we have central
> control of the name space.  It is orderly and with DHCP dynamic enough for
> clients.  With WINS we have to defend our names, and alas with Samba have
> no WINS replication.

	Hmmn, that sounds like a very common scenario...
	I've set up several sites with DNS as the only
	distributed administration data-store, and would
	probably always do so unless there was "legacy" 
	netbios naming being done.

	This also allows one to make Samba name services
	more unix-like: push them down to the next layer,
	instead of providing all possible services in a single
	layer/application.  The latter's too MVS-like
	to make me happy (i.e., it can never scale).

	However, the option verges on toooooo cute:
		dns wins = yes

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