Samba on AIX

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Mar 9 03:15:33 GMT 2000

[itsore08 at]
> Well they are at least investing 6 weeks of my time, plus two other
> residents. I'd like to use the residency to identify problems IBM can
> help with, but we'll see what happens.

OK, here's another AIX issue, if you're looking for things to fix....

Figure out how to convince Samba to work with IBM's peculiar little
virtual tty implementation (/dev/ptc, /dev/pts/).  Samba needs this in
order to implement the `unix password sync' option.  I *think* it's
similar to Unix98 /dev/ptmx, but I'm not sure because I got tired of
fiddling with this a year or two ago.  (We don't really need password
sync around here anyway.)

[Hey, while you're at it, fixing free software for AIX, how about
figuring out how to outwit the trapdoor set*uid() calls so suidperl
will work? (: When we got 4.3.3 in, which *finally* has perl5 bundled,
I noted with mixed chagrin and amusement that suidperl was missing.  It
seems not even IBM could get it to work!  And here I had thought it was
just me....]


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