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Thu Mar 9 15:55:26 GMT 2000


> > > Does that mean, IBM is going to support samba somehow? (I
> > > heard something about HP in that area?)
> >
> > Not that I'm aware of.
> I meant more, that IBM has interest in samba and is
> investing some time, and maybe even fixing some issues (see
> below).

Well they are at least investing 6 weeks of my time, plus two other
residents. I'd like to use the residency to identify problems IBM can help
with, but we'll see what happens.

> > We are just trying to be thorough. :)
> Oh, that's also good.

I also wish to document using the LDAP server provided with AIX 4.3.x to
authenticate Samba access (plus AD & NDS if we get time). I like the idea
of managing AIX, Samba, & NT users from a central LDAP server.

I've found the LDAP-PDC FAQ, which mentions the sambaAccount object class,
but it doesn't mention what type attributes like "rid" or "ntuid" should
be. Isn't this required when using the OpenLDAP server? I guess I can
discover the correct types from poking around in AD?

Has anyone tried using AD or NDS as an LDAP server for Samba?

> So if you want to invest some time, that's fine. :)

Time is definately an issue. The residency process only lasts 6 weeks. :)

> Unless I missed something and the 8 characters limit is
> gone.
> You might want to investigate this and maybe in the long
> run, this limit will go away...

We have asked the AIX security people if this restriction will go away in
Monterey/AIX 4.3.4.

Steven P.

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