Martin Stromberg Martin.Stromberg at
Wed Mar 8 14:42:12 GMT 2000

> Martin Stromberg wrote:
> > 
> > Does samba have an equivalent setting as the WINDOZE NameNumericTail
> > setting? For those who don't know about this registry setting,
> > <> can be
> > enlightening.
> This is the 8.3 filename things right?  The only possible 
> solution would be to play with the fstype and name 
> mangling parameters.  However, i do not believe this will do 
> what you want.  I would think the situations where it would 
> be needed would be fairly infrequent.  Am I wrong in this 
> assumption?

You are correct. It doesn't do what I want, that's why I'm asking if
such perhaps is under way, or if patches for it will be accepted (I'll
do it if I have to and can).

The situations were it needed depends on what clients you have. If you
have LFN-aware clients the need is zero. But if you have DOZE clients,
it would be neat to let the user see as much of the file name as
possible, instead of hiding the sixth, seventh and eighth(sp?)
characters of the file name with ~ and two arbitrary characters.

"abcdefghi" is mangled to "abcdefgh" if that name isn't taken already
and "abcdefghi.1234" is mangled to "abcdefgh.123" if that name isn't

If there is a name clash (somebody did already create the files
"abcdefgh" and "abcdefgh.123" in this directory) it may be resolved
using the name mangling samba is using today.



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