Samba and Win2K

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Mar 8 08:56:16 GMT 2000

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[Jonathan Richards]
> This might be an old chestnut by now, but I've inadvertantly upgraded
> to Win2k on the workstation

Wow, how do you inadvertantly upgrade to a different operating system? (:

> and my 2.0.5 Samba fileserver is now unavailable - I think it's the
> plain text password thing since the 'upgrade'.

Samba 2.0.7pre fixes at least one bug related to Windows 2000.
(Actually it's a Windows bug, worked around in Samba.)  I think 2.0.6
might have fixed one or more as well.

For plaintext passwords, see the .reg file in the docs/ directory (in
2.0.6, not sure if it's in 2.0.5).


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