Windows-1251 character set

Alexander Javoronkov Alexander.Javoronkov at
Tue Mar 7 08:30:36 GMT 2000

> > I've got Win'98 with Russian (windows-1251) locale & samba-2.0.6 with
> > "client code page = 866".
> > I want to store russian filenames on my Samba server in windows-1251
> > character set.
> Do you _really_ need this?

I think I really need this.

> As Sergei Makarov already pointed, there is no problem with "default"
> settings for russian in samba.  You will get koi8-r filenames in unix,
> and this is also pretty standard on unix systems, there are already
> exists such things as locales etc on unix to support koi8 charset.

Right now I've got no problems storing cp866 filenames on ext2fs.

> If you will store your files in 1251 charset, you will need to setup
> at least locales on unix, and find and load 1251 font to view filenames
> on unix.

My box is located in such a gloomy and dark place where no man has been ;) I
don't need to get to console 'cause I'm working under Win/ssh with 1251

> Just one example where it _is_ matter what charset used in
> unix (from windows's view) is if you want to create archives (e.g. .zip)
> on unix and extract/view them on windows or vice versa.  But in that case,
> you should use cp866, not 1251 codepage on unix side, as windows do
> on it's filesystem ("oem" charset).  Or, alternatively, use patched
> archivers for this, but again, in this case it is irrelevant -- what
> codepage uses unix...

Ok, I'll try to explain my problem. Right now I'm storing russian filenames in
cp866 on Linux. I've got big .mp3 archive with russian filenames - btw, check
it out -
Since they're in cp866, the only way to access it is via old-style ftp.exe
from Windows/dos. My LAN clients are accessing archive just fine via Samba -
no problems here.
My goal is: Windows clients using CuteFTP, Netscape and stuff should access
those files and store them named properly. I've tried to make it through
Russian Apache recoding mechanism - - now everyone can
see russian filenames, but: 1) they're accessed via http - I don't wanna; and
2) when user clicks with the right button/save as - dialog appears with
escaped russian characters - again, I don't wanna. I want to get my FTP
accessible with windows-1251 filenames.

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