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Yes, the Redbook will be available online in PDF format.

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Will the RedBook be published on-line?  It would be nice to have it
as a reference and we could add a link from the Samba site to it.

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> Subject: Samba on AIX
> Elrond / Peter,
> Thanks for your suggestions re: shared library problems with Samba on
> I've successfuly compiled TNG 0.8 with GCC, but VAC still fails with the
> enum error. Now I can get started. :)
> I'm working for IBM's ITSO to produce a Redbook about running Samba on
> The book will be an installation, function, and sizing guide.
> I've spoken with someone here about shared library support on AIX. He
> suggested > AIX 4.2.1 should now treat shared libraries much like
> I'll post his recomendations later.
> Do you know of any other issues concerning running Samba on AIX?

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