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Tue Mar 7 20:42:30 GMT 2000

Elrond / Peter,

Thanks for your suggestions re: shared library problems with Samba on AIX.

I've successfuly compiled TNG 0.8 with GCC, but VAC still fails with the
enum error. Now I can get started. :)

I'm working for IBM's ITSO to produce a Redbook about running Samba on AIX.
The book will be an installation, function, and sizing guide.

I've spoken with someone here about shared library support on AIX. He
suggested > AIX 4.2.1 should now treat shared libraries much like Solaris.
I'll post his recomendations later.

Do you know of any other issues concerning running Samba on AIX? (Anyone?)

Thanks again,
Steven P.

Elrond <Elrond at> on 03/04/2000 06:02:59 AM

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Subject:  Re: samba-tng-alpha-0.8.tar.gz

Hi itsore08,

You don't want to use tng on aix anyway... aix is too
limited for tng to realy work: You need _long_ accountnames
in your passwd and AIX only allows you 8 chars.

But about your specific problems:

libtool was and is broken since ages on aix, you have to
use --disable-shared on AIX (unless you know a whole bunch
about shared libraries on AIX, and _maybe_ I'll fix libtool
on AIX)

... the error, that you get with your VAC (I only have
ibmcxx 3.6.4 and didn't try to compile TNG anyway. I
might in some time.) seems to be some problem with enums.
You might try to put some #ifdef WITH_NT5LDAP and #endif
arround the typedef enum { ... } NTDS_GROUP_TYPE_ENUM;.
I'll look at that and maybe convert those to defines.

So you're currently better of using TNG on a nice Linux

Just as a side note: I have a lot of AIX here and like it
for normal work, but for devel-things it isn't realy fun
and for things like TNG it's currently the wrong thing.


(so many things I maybe want to do...)

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 10:08:31AM +1100, itsore08 at wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm trying to compile TNG on AIX 4.3.3, but just can't make it go. :(

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