Windows-1251 character set

Jean-Marc Desperrier jean-marc.desperrier at
Mon Mar 6 18:56:15 GMT 2000

"Michael Ju. Tokarev" wrote:

> Jean-Marc Desperrier wrote:
> >
> > According to the values, I found with regedit,  koi8-r and codepage 1251 are
> > in fact the same.
> >
> > cp866 seems to be the OEM dos codepage of IBM.
> >
> Oh, no...  I don't think that regedit can "know" anything about codepages :),
> and there is _no_ info about this in registry... If your registry have same
> setup for 1251 and koi8-r, than your registry was set up incorrectly...
> Koi-8 is _very_ different from any other russian charset...
> Moreother, (russian) letters in koi-8 arranged non-alphabetically, unlike
> in cp866 and 1251 and others.

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_/SOFTWARE/CLASSES/MIME/Database/charset/, there is a list of
values that
"maps" between the symbolic name and the codepage value.

It has two mappings for koi, one is "codepage 0x4E3" (1251), and the other is
"InternetEncoding 0x5182" (20866).

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_/SOFTWARE/CLASSES/MIME/Database/codepage/ is in fact more
explicit. It says cp20866 (koi8-r) is the same family as cp1251, but not that it's
the same thing.

It was dangerous for me to try to understand the meaning of these values without
any info about the way they are used.

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