Windows-1251 character set

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at
Mon Mar 6 18:16:30 GMT 2000

Alexander Javoronkov wrote:
> I've got Win'98 with Russian (windows-1251) locale & samba-2.0.6 with
> "client code page = 866".
> I want to store russian filenames on my Samba server in windows-1251
> character set.

Do you _really_ need this?
As Sergei Makarov already pointed, there is no problem with "default"
settings for russian in samba.  You will get koi8-r filenames in unix,
and this is also pretty standard on unix systems, there are already
exists such things as locales etc on unix to support koi8 charset.
If you will store your files in 1251 charset, you will need to setup
at least locales on unix, and find and load 1251 font to view filenames
on unix.  Just one example where it _is_ matter what charset used in
unix (from windows's view) is if you want to create archives (e.g. .zip)
on unix and extract/view them on windows or vice versa.  But in that case,
you should use cp866, not 1251 codepage on unix side, as windows do
on it's filesystem ("oem" charset).  Or, alternatively, use patched
archivers for this, but again, in this case it is irrelevant -- what
codepage uses unix...

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