Windows-1251 character set

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at
Mon Mar 6 18:08:08 GMT 2000

Jean-Marc Desperrier wrote:
> According to the values, I found with regedit,  koi8-r and codepage 1251 are
> in fact the same.
> cp866 seems to be the OEM dos codepage of IBM.
Oh, no...  I don't think that regedit can "know" anything about codepages :),
and there is _no_ info about this in registry... If your registry have same
setup for 1251 and koi8-r, than your registry was set up incorrectly...
Koi-8 is _very_ different from any other russian charset...
Moreother, (russian) letters in koi-8 arranged non-alphabetically, unlike
in cp866 and 1251 and others.

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