Quotas : per-share (fwd)

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Mon Mar 6 13:50:12 GMT 2000

David Lee wrote:
>--with-quotas [...]		Could it be done
> per-share?  It would use a boolean parameter (e.g."dfree quota") which
> could default to "no".

> One step further:  Given the above and its "no" default, "--with-quotas"
> becomes superfluous, I think, and can be removed

	I'd actually flip the default instead: make --with-quotas
	on by default, and individuals could turn it off if their
	systems misbehaved.

	I like having a per-share option, but would suggest avoiding
	the term "dfree", as this is currently used as part of a 
	workaround for dfree program bugs.  

	In principle, dfree-the-command should never be used for 
	computing whether or not someone's going to run out of space:
	it's way too expensive.  I'd expect "dfree command" to be set
	only on systems which have broken quotas **and** a broken dfree.

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