Elrond Elrond at
Sat Mar 4 12:02:59 GMT 2000

Hi itsore08,

You don't want to use tng on aix anyway... aix is too
limited for tng to realy work: You need _long_ accountnames
in your passwd and AIX only allows you 8 chars.

But about your specific problems:

libtool was and is broken since ages on aix, you have to
use --disable-shared on AIX (unless you know a whole bunch
about shared libraries on AIX, and _maybe_ I'll fix libtool
on AIX)

... the error, that you get with your VAC (I only have
ibmcxx 3.6.4 and didn't try to compile TNG anyway. I
might in some time.) seems to be some problem with enums.
You might try to put some #ifdef WITH_NT5LDAP and #endif
arround the typedef enum { ... } NTDS_GROUP_TYPE_ENUM;.
I'll look at that and maybe convert those to defines.

So you're currently better of using TNG on a nice Linux

Just as a side note: I have a lot of AIX here and like it
for normal work, but for devel-things it isn't realy fun
and for things like TNG it's currently the wrong thing.


(so many things I maybe want to do...)

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 10:08:31AM +1100, itsore08 at wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm trying to compile TNG on AIX 4.3.3, but just can't make it go. :(

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