tng and shared libs

Greg Dickie greg at
Wed Mar 1 12:23:16 GMT 2000

Ya that for the libtool stuff I believe. Elrond would be the best person to
answer that (something to do with LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc). THere should be a way
to do what you want but I'm not immediately sure what it is. 8-)


On 01-Mar-00 Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
> I used to be able to do:
> edit a samba source file
> make
> bin/rpcclient
> now, bin/rpcclient is a shell script when runs it coredumps.
> I'm required to run make install and use /usr/local/samba/bin/rpcclient
> instead. why ?
> I want to compile and run the binaries in the build directory.
>       J.F.

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