Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Mar 1 11:22:52 GMT 2000

[Tim Potter]
> Would anyone mind if I changed the name of global_sid_S_1_5_20 in TNG
> to its decimal equivalent of global_sid_S_1_5_32?

Which reminds me: I was just looking at sids.h tonight and wondering --
why is there nothing like

  #define GLOBAL_SID_LOCALDOM global_sid_S_1_5_20
  #define GLOBAL_SID_ALLDOM global_sid_S_1_1
  #define GLOBAL_SID_EVERYONE global_sid_S_1_1_0
  #define GLOBAL_SID_CREATOR global_sid_S_1_3

Do you Samba hackers actually think better in terms of the actual
well-known SID prefixes?  (Not that that would surprise me overmuch,
just curious.)


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