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Since when was CIFS not SAMBA?

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> We are using Samba version 1.9.16p11 on an HP9000 running HP-UX 10.20.
> PCs run Windows95 4.00.950 B, all on a LAN using TCP/IP.
> This enables us to make an HP file system available for mapping as a
> Network Drive in Windows 95, eg /usr2/data can be mapped as E: in Windows
> 95.
> We now want to do the opposite, ie make a Windows 95 drive available to
> HP-UX. The drive is actually on a Netware 4.12 server eg
> \\Novell\Sys\Data, and mapped as the F: drive in Windows95. Can this be
> accessed by HP-UX eg as /usrX/data.
	Not via Samba, no.  You should perhaps investigate Sharity or HP-UX
11 with CIFS/2000.

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