native posix permissions

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jun 26 19:03:34 GMT 2000

Shirish Kalele wrote:
> So finally, to summarize, Samba would be implementing the Unix extensions
> that HP has proposed while also keeping the ACL-mapping code. The CAP_UNIX
> field in NegProt would determine whether Samba sends mapped ACLs or pure
> unix ACLs. Users would be left free to choose and download the client
> components from Gunnar or HP etc. Of course, the samba team could also
> distribute one of the client implementations along with samba, or from the
> samba site.
> Comments, Jeremy?

Yes - that is correct (other than the comment below) and (IMHO)
would be the best solution.

Actually, Samba will send mapped ACLs always if the nttrans
GetSecDesc call is made, and UNIX perms always if the modified
trans2 call is made, it's how the client asks that's important.



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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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