native posix permissions

Elrond elrond at
Mon Jun 26 18:27:48 GMT 2000

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 02:50:42AM +1000, Shirish Kalele wrote:
> Yes, that's true. But do you see support for this coming from Microsoft
> themselves? As far as I understand, all they were willing to do was reserve
> the said bits in the smb packets to flag unix acls. Of course, the Samba
> team could provide the clients, but I'm not sure we want to go down that
> road. Till then, acl mapping rules :-)

Some time ago, someone posted some announcement for a shell
extension here. It was named uae or the like. The *.zip
even contained a *.idl-file for his stuff. (*bing* A
real-world simple idl-file... going to feed it into sidlc
and if the license is GPL, going to put it into the

Oh, just found the URL in the README (and the
license-statement: LGPL):,
and the author is: Gunnar Degnbol <degnbol at>

Hmmm... I don't find it anymore there... 
(No, rse is something else...)


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