Porting to RTOS

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I still don't understand what you are looking for.

If you port smbclient, you would be able to perform client tasks such as
remote file I/O and printing.  There would have to be a server somewhere
on the network offering those services.

Porting smbclient will not allow you to offer services.  Your system would
not be able to make directories or printers available to others.  For 
that, you need the functionality of both smbd and nmbd.

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> Well I went on a vacation after this hence never clarified.
> Actually, I want to run a Samba Client rather than a smbd server deamon or
> nmbd deamon .
> So is there a Samba client which does just File/Print sharing among remote
> machines. I don't know if I'm being clear here. 
> Even if I port SMBCLIENT, I'll have no File and print share capability since
> I'm not running the smbd and nmbd servers to provide SMB/CIFS services to
> clients . So this basically is my question. Is there a Samba Client
> capability in Samba Suite. 
> I'm totally new to Samba and the SMB/Windows world hence this might be not
> be a appropriate question , but any answer would be great .
> Thanks again,
> //Satish
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> Satish Kikkeri wrote:
> > 
> > 2. Also, since there are a lot of programs in SAMBA suite, to 
> > just do file sharing among computers belonging to a particular
> >  workgroup, what programs need to be ported. My thought is  
> > Porting SMBD and SMBCLIENT should be sufficient. Am I 
> > correct in thinking so or is there more to it than just
> > these programs and their corresponding files..
> You need nmbd as well for NetBIOS services.  smbclient is 
> obviously needed need for the server side of things.
> I'm assuming you already knew that though.
> jerry
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