Windows 95 Original Passwords

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Tue Jun 20 14:19:26 GMT 2000

I can sure give it a shot.  I will have to add though, that I took a
fresh installation of Win 95 and tried to log in with encrypted = yes on
the server and it didn't work.  I tried to log in with encrypted = no
and it worked.  I installed the update, and tried with encrypted = no,
now it doesn't work.  I tried again with encrypted = yes, and it
worked.  Now I installed the EnablePlainTextPasswords hack on 95,
changed the encrypted = no on the server and logged in again, again it
worked.  Set the DWORD of the hack to zero and changed encrypted = yes
on the server, works again.  The Virtual Redirector update seems to make
the encryption work identical to 95B and up.

I'll send some tcpdumps directly to Richard as anything over 40000 bytes
gets bumped back to me no matter what I try and since I'm in the process
of changing jobs, I've got some other responsiblities as well.  Thanks
for the help.


Richard Sharpe wrote:
> At 11:51 PM 6/19/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >Richard Sharpe wrote:
> >>
> >> At 11:56 PM 6/19/00 +1000, Chris Tooley wrote:
> >> >How do I enable encrypted passwords on the older Win 95 machines then?
> >> >I didn't have to install the PlainText registry hack and when a
> >> >do that hack with a DWORD of "0" it doesn't seem to make a
> >> >difference.
> >>
> >> You don't have to. If the server supports encrypted passwords,
> >> the client will use them!
> >>
> >> The server specifies that it supports encrypted passwords in
> >> the response to the NegProt request.
> >
> >I am the only one who gets tired of explaining this?  :-)
> >I now you've answered it a lot as well.
> Yes, I know, but given that Chris Tooley replied with extra info, it is
> worth investigating.
> So, Chris, can you tell us more.
> I think that the only thing you have to do with the very first Win95
> release to enable encrypted passwords is to tell Samba to use encrypted
> passwords.
> Can you send me a tcpdump trace of it failing?
> >jerry
> >
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