Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jun 19 12:21:11 GMT 2000

ops so far, client and server: negprot, sesssetup, tconX, openX, readX,
writeX, close, getattrE.

plan is to call into vfs layer and _nothing_ else, for all file-ops.  want
write-cacheing?  write a vfs-mod that hooks the vfs-write op.  want IPC$?
write a vfs module.   want printing?  write a vfs module.

as code is auto-generated, writing unicode/ascii switching should be
pretty trivial.

ANDX chaining is painful and horrible and i wish it would go away it makes
the code a complete mess, although i am learning about good uses for

next on the list is maybe either DCE/RPC pipes or maybe some SMBtrans2s
just for kicks, depending on whether win95 is worth it or not, you know i
love win95, it may be worthwhile doing NetrShareEnum just to be able to
list 4 shares: "using", "windows 95?", "go" and "away".

p.s. no security at all, all operations as root, currently.  thinking
about hooking in TNG's domain_client_validate() that would do everything
that's needed.

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