Extension to Samba IDL.

Sander Striker s.striker at striker.nl
Sat Jun 17 07:46:51 GMT 2000

> I'm working on the code.  I just want to hear from Matty and Sander before
> get too deep in.  I need to know if there are any objections before I make
> mess of things.

You got my go ahead. No objections here :-) I see the need for the
bitfields (it's a smart extension). Are you planning on adding an attribute
for the bitfield alignment aswell?

>Oh, one more thing...
>The IDL spec's I've seen say:
>module  =  "module" identifier  "{"  < specification >  "}"  .
>..but the IDL code we use does not include the squirrly brackets.

It's in sidlc. Take a look at parser.y and find the interface rule.
I don't mind you adding stuff to sidlc, the more hands to work on
it the sooner it can be used. I already expressed my fear for the
awk parser andrew wrote, because now people are working on that
instead of creating idl files and adding stuff to sidlc.
Last two weeks I did some work on a memory allocator, it's in
TNG now, elrond committed it last friday. I'll start working on
sidlc again now, starting with reversing all reversed lists :-)


PS. When you start implementing the bit fields you might find
that some backend code is not in place (things get parsed and
thrown away), feel free to add stuff you need in a similar way.

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