Microsoft Interix cd/sl bug when talking to Samba

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Jun 14 15:10:15 GMT 2000

Bernard Faure and I have been looking at the MS "Interix" product, (at
which runs on NT as a replacement for the Posix subsystem. 

Alas, it has problems with Samba.

Bernard writes:
| From an Interix shell, if I try to list or change dir to one of
| this network drives, I got the answer "(hmm, of
| course it is !) for example :
|     //D/ls //L/mydir
|     ls: //L/mydir : Is a directory
|  - On an other hand, if I try to access (list or edit) a file, this
|  works fine.

He then captured the packets sent (below), and we found that the first
thing sent is a create directory command, which fails with the "Is a
directory" message.

Exactly the same thing occurs if he does a cd to the directory.

The problem does not occur if he copies or ls's a file specifying
the filename without any ? or * characters, so it seems specific to
directory reading.  

Interestingly, this is quite different from the behavior
when Win95 is the server!

Command Server	Client	Packet sent, reply returned
=======	======	======	===========================
ls	samba	interix	SMB C NT create & X, File = 
			SMB R NT create & X - NT error, System,
				 Error, Code = (186) 	
ls	samba	win95	SMB C transact2 Query file system info
			SMB R transact2 Query file system info 
				(response to frame 6)
			SMB C transact2 Findfirst, File = \*
			SMB R transact2 Findfirst (response to frame 8)
				<contents of directory>

Anyone seen this before? And anyone able to help us
hunt this down, on either the Interix of Samba side?

--dave (who works for the other guys, but who's
	a professional interoperability bigot) c-b
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